As our world continues to grow and change, our indoor air quality can suffer. Pollution from fires and industrial manufacturing is found in many communities in the United States. If you’re not monitoring the air that flows through your home, you may be inhaling dangerous substances.

Indoor air quality monitors are designed to measure the levels of dangerous particulates and toxins in the air. Homeowners concerned about their general health can benefit from these devices.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality Monitors

If you suffer from allergies, respiratory issues, or seasonal irritations, you know the importance of breathing the cleanest air possible. Not only can an air monitor alert you to a rise in allergens, but it can also warn about poisonous substances. Radon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and chemicals from outdoor sources can be detected by air monitoring equipment.

A monitor can show you what’s in your air and give you an opportunity to take action. With the data provided by the monitor, you can address ways to reduce or eliminate problems in your air.

Types of Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Smoke, radon, and carbon monoxide detectors are single substance monitors commonly found in modern homes. Many air quality monitors will include the detection of these life-threatening substances along with other particulates, chemicals, and pollution.

The type of substances being detected will vary from product to product. Some manufacturers include additional readings for humidity, air pressure, and room temperature. Others may offer monitoring of specific types of pollution, such as specific readings for VOCs or molds.

Air quality monitors come in many sizes and capabilities. Most modern air monitors are smaller than a smoke detector and can be easily attached to a wall or ceiling. They can be placed in multiple places around the home according to the owner’s needs. Some monitors are designed to be tracked using a smartphone app.

Do You Need an Air Quality Monitor?

Your home is a series of contained areas where pollution can get trapped. Homes with fireplaces or gas stoves should always have detection devices installed. In locations where forest fires or industrial pollution are an issue, monitoring can give you further information about hazardous air.

If you’re unsure about whether you should monitor your air, allow your general health to be your guide. Family members who experience fatigue, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, or hypersensitivity can benefit from air monitoring. Seasonal allergies and sinus issues are also an indication that monitoring is needed.

Campbell Comfort Systems has a team of air quality experts waiting to assist you in West Deptford. Let us know you’d like further information about air quality testing and filtration solutions for your home.

EPA Air Quality Recommendations

The EPA highlights the importance of indoor air quality by pointing out a few facts about our indoor air. The agency states that Americans spend up to 90% of their day indoors. That’s more time spent in rooms where trapped pollutants can cause harm. Building materials, cleaning products, and furnishings can contain harmful substances that get released into our ventilation systems.

They also point out that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air by as much as 5%. People who suffer from illness generally spend more time indoors than out, which means they’re likely breathing in more pollution.

Add These to Your Monitoring Plan

No matter what type of indoor monitor you choose, there are two items you’ll want to add to your purchase. The first one is an outdoor air monitor. Outdoor air monitors can help you track the air around your home. This air is what your cooling and heating system uses to keep you comfortable indoors. An outdoor monitor can also identify locations where pesticides and other dangerous chemicals may be entering.

The second item to include in your plan is an air filtration system. Knowing what’s in your air is only half of the solution. Filtering the bad stuff out, and keeping it out, will require reliable filtration equipment.

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